What is the best bread machine/maker?

My bread machine is barely holding on with all this baking that I am doing lately. Thus, I have started to look for a new and maybe more professional one.

I did some research online and really like this summary:


The website says 4 key components to consider before buying bread machine are power, setting, loaf size and extras.

The first thing to pay attention to is the Power every bread maker machine has. The baking speed depends on it – the more powerful a bread maker is, the faster it prepares the pastry or bread loaves. As usual, most bread makers have the power varying from 450 to 1650 Watts. Low-power bread machines, in general, have fewer modes (programs) and some of them can’t knead the dough.

The next aspect to consider are the Settings that are also called modes or programs. Every bread maker has a certain set of settings – basic or advanced. The number of settings can vary from 2 to 25. The programs are different in terms of dough kneading time, baking time, and temperature. The combination of these parameters allows the bread maker to cook different types of bread or pastry. All models usually have the common settings such as standard or quick baking. Also, keep in mind that some bread maker machines allow you to set the settings by yourself.

Also, you need to check the Loaf Size – a loaf weighing 1 lbs. is enough to satisfy a daily requirement for a family. Though the best bread machines can bake loaves up to 2 lbs. Therefore, you need to check the model according to a number of people you need to feed.

Finally, there are several more features to consider and we call them Extras. For example, some bread makers have additional settings such as delay timer (which allows you to put the start of the program off), an audible reminder that lets you know when the baking is finished, a viewing window through which you can control the baking process, and so on.






Source: http://topreviews.best/main-review/bread-makers?gclid=CjwKEAjw7qi7BRCvsr3N58GvsTkSJAA3UzLvxjZA4AOs8bW1TmKTysZ0fo0qELXHkdHFcggGnEHS1RoCBMfw_wcB)

Before making my final decision I will investigate a bit more. But it seems like a good start!

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  1. I have a Black and Decker that looks very much like the Panasonic you have pictured here. I’ve gone through several B&Ds but they all end up unusable when the paddles seize up. I wash my bread pan every time and keep it clean, but the paddles seize anyway. I think it might be from the heat, compromising the rubber seals. I haven’t been able to use my bread machine for a long time now and have been mixing the dough in my Kitchen Aid mixer and then letting it rise the old-fashioned way. It works, but takes more time and it’s a bit messier. I’m in the market for a new bread machine too, so I’ll be interested in hearing what you’ve decided on.

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    1. I have Black and Decker as well, still I am ready to try out something new. I will definitely share what I have decided upon!

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      1. Thanks. I’m kind of lost just now. Not sure what to do, so your ideas will be helpful.

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  2. I have the Breadman one. Works pretty good. I have no real complaints. Has tons of settings. It was affordable.

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  3. A Joy says:

    Great post- this is something I’ve been researching to buy and have had trouble committing to one!

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  4. Very good post! I have a Cuisinart CBK-100. It works great and it is not too expensive. I use mine all the time. I make pizza dough, sweet bread dough, etc…I really like it.

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    1. Thank you! I will take a look at Cuisinart as well!

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  5. nancyruth says:

    Not ever having a bread machine but always wondering this was interesting to read.

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  6. Javy Dreamer says:

    Reblogged this on Recipe Dreams and commented:
    We started using ours again recently. Still the best bread ever!


  7. sallyjadlow says:

    I have two bread machines. They are attached to the ends of my arms. I make nine loaves at once and freeze it. I grind my own flour for a third of the flour and use unbleached white for the other two-thirds. The recipe is in my book, “Family Favorites from the Heartland” which is also my blog at WordPress.com.


    1. Sounds great! I will check your book!


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