Orange pulp jam in bread machine

Last week I made a lovely orange pulp jam in bread machine. The idea for the jam came as I had some leftover pulp from making juice.

Orange pulp jam in bread machine - souurdoughmovement
Orange pulp jam in bread machine

Making jam from fruit pulp makes a bit of a difference. The jam comes out a bit more dense, it is not that rich in color and the flavor is a bit less intense. Never the less, the taste is still very good.

So, for the recipe I used:

  • 2 cups of orange pulp
  • 1,5 cups of sugar
  • 3 tbsp of pectin

Set my machine for the jam making function and an hour later I had 2 jars of jam.

Orange pulp jam - sourdoughmovement
Orange pulp jam

The jam can be used in more way than just toast! According to

Swirl it into oatmeal and yogurt: Using jam to brighten up our morning yogurt or oatmeal is nothing new, but for some reason we only recently tried marmalade – it’s fantastic, especially paired with toasted nuts.

Bake it into scones: Add a 1/2 cup of marmalade to your favorite scone recipe, or try Marmalade Barley Scones from Good to the Grain author Kim Boyce.

Whisk it into salad dressings: Vinaigrette sweetened with marmalade is delicious on arugula, spinach or kale salads.

Use it in marinades: A marinade of soy sauce and marmalade can be used on all sorts of proteins, such as this Marmalade Tofu from VeganYumYum andGrilled Pork Tenderloin from Simply Recipes.

Serve it with cheese: Okay, this does sort of fall in the toast category, but we love sweet, tangy marmalade on a crostini or tartine with creamy goat cheese.

Drizzle it over a cake: The slight bitterness of marmalade can really complement a sweet cake. Faith is fond of this vegan Sticky Orange Cake with Marmalade Glaze.

Sip it: Have you ever had a marmalade cocktail? We’re intrigued by the Kinloch Plantation Special, a whiskey punch with marmalade and nutmeg. Get the recipe and learn about marmalade mixology at the Atlantic.

Orange pulp jam - sourdoughmovement
Orange pulp jam

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  1. What a great way to use left over pulp.

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  2. Zswagger says:

    Like they say it is always good to reuse, because you make something incredible.

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      1. Zswagger says:

        You are welcome.

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  3. Javy Dreamer says:

    Reblogged this on Recipe Dreams.


  4. Crecynthia says:

    This is so creative! And I’ve never heard of a marmalade cocktail, sounds tasty! 🙂

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  5. I have no bread machine but I want to try your recipe. It looks yummy! Orange jam or marmelade always goes well with scones as far as Im concerned lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Sure, give it a try 🙂

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