Extremely soft white bread


I was looking for a perfect recipe for bread that could go well with jams that I making. Last week I found this recipe of extremely soft white bread. The recipe has a bit more sugar, thus I have expected that bread will come out almost like a cake.

So, the recipe that I have started building my bread recipe upon is:


Schermata 2016-01-25 alle 10.19.39

I have substituted vegetable oil with olive oil and sugar for brown sugar. You can refer to my previous post about olive oil.


The recipe indicates to put yeast and sugar into hot water and let it stay for 6-12 minutes. I followed the instructions and kept all the ingredients for 2 -3 minutes. The result was that the bread rose a lot! Sugar actives yeast, be careful with that. Never the less, if you have troubles raising the bread you can try this approach.

Also, I have decided to use dough program and then bake program for 1 hour (again depends on your machine). The result came out great! The bread/cake is sweet and fluffy.



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