The basics of using bread machine

Bread machine is very easy to use. Never the less, baking the first great loaf of bread can take a bit of time.

Thus, my starting point was checking info online. I like simple and basic way of providing information. The video below shows the basics of using bread maker.

You will see that there are many videos and articles online. It is important to use the basis (for example wet ingredients first, use correct proportions and so on) and try it out what works the best for your machine.

The same goes for the recipes. There are plenty to choose and to try. You have to try them out, see what works for your machine and what you prefer.

Other video that I like is the one below. It emphasizes once more that it is cheaper and healthier to make bread yourself at home. For example, it is mentioned in the video that cost of making a loaf of bread is about $0,60 and organic loaf about $1.


As mentioned before this is a good place to start and from there on the possibilities are endless!

Have a great day!



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