First oatmeal bread

My first exploration for bread maker with no doubt had to be bread.

I have checked the cupboards, some recipes online and in manual that came together with the machine. In the end I have decided to tweak some recipes, adjusted to what I have. Well, overall let’s call my way of cook creative.

So, for oatmeal bread I have used the following ingredients:

– 1 1/2 cups of warm milk

– 3/4 cups of warm water

– 2 tbsp of olive oil

– 2 tbsp of brown sugar

– 1 cup of oat bran

–  1tsp of salt

– 3 1/2 cups of bread flour

– 1 pack of active yeasts

The making process was as simple as putting all the products in order mentioned above and setting machine on program 1 – basic white bread.

The result: not bad for the first attempt! A bit dense though.

As it goes for the ingredients, please follow the upcoming post. I will provide my feedback on the best place to buy the cheapest and best option.

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